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Make City and Open Office on the Tag der Architektur

Berlin’s Tag der Architektur (Architecture Day) took place last weekend. As part of the programme our practice conducted tours of our offices on Alexanderplatz. We had a lot to offer. The walls were adorned with pictures and plans of current projects, which were supplemented by numerous models. The programme was rounded off with films, a VR headset and a pop-up factory, the latter having opened on Friday as part of the architecture festival Make City. An experimental installation, the pop-up factory involved HENN’s performing team and the use a robot that via voice input was able to uniquely treat the surfaces of polystyrene blocks. By means of a HoloLens headset the building blocks could be placed in their allotted and appropriate positions. The participatory installation was highly popular and was the culmination of a talk that discussed the comeback of production into the cities from the viewpoints of teaching, practice and political policy. The evening ended with further discussions over drinks and snacks.

Special thanks to: Anne-Caroline Erbstößer (Technologiestiftung Berlin), Martin Tamke (Associate Professor, KADK – The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Kopenhagen), Giovanni Betti (Head of Performing, HENN), Saqib Aziz and Gili Ron (HENN Performing Team) and ABB (Roboter).