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Merck Innovation Center – LEED Platinum certification

16.05.2018 – 

The Merck Innovation Center has been awarded with "LEED Platinum", the highest certification level according to the LEED green building rating system. The project demonstrates a 38 % improvement in its energy performance compared with the LEED baseline ASHRAE 90.1, thanks to solar control triple glazing façade and very efficient HVAC systems (connected to the central campus cooling and combined heat and power system plants). In order to optimize the indoor air quality, exclusively low-emitting materials are used in the interior. Only certified wood products in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council's sustainability principles are installed. Moreover, wood-based materials do not contain any added formaldehyde. Self-cleaning concrete with titanium dioxide is used for site hardscape at Emanuel-Merck-Platz. This innovative material with a high solar reflectance index contributes to reduce air pollutants and to minimize heat island effects. Non-potable process water is used for irrigation. A green roof contributes to thermal insulation and on-site retention of rain water.